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The fear of not being good enough

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  1. Sonali says:

    This is a very insightful read. I loved the quotes and the idea of letting go of our idea of perfection, especially when I’m trying hard to be happy with ‘good enough’. We often lack the self-awareness to realize our subconscious, self-limiting beliefs. Reading this made me realize how this has always been a fear of mine and hopefully, I will stop missing out on opportunities by learning to be brave and kinder to myself.

  2. Thank you Sonali! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that it was helpful!
    I am proud to see you slowly incorporate these practices and gently modify your perspective. There are so many great opportunities out there and would hate to see you miss out, just because you don’t think you’re worthy. You are more than enough!
    Many thanks, M

  3. Wonderful article. I love your point about 1) often we focus on the wrong type of tasks or tasks that aren’t truly effective for the goal we are trying to achieve. I’m the queen of being efficient lol. And I also like how you mentioned drive and hard work. Most folks just don’t want things badly enough to put in the needed effort! #truth

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