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Strive With Me is a personal development and social impact publication. We are a community of personal development lovers & changemakers, who strive to be our best selves and leave a lasting impact in the world. We share narratives, lessons, & resources to better ourselves & help others in their journey towards achieving the best quality of life.
Our purpose: The purpose of this is to learn and develop ourselves as we strive for more out of life. We do this by focusing on personal and professional development and our desires to make an impact on the world around us. We are all on a journey of self-discovery and navigating it as best as we can, so please be kind to each other and more importantly, yourself, as you make your way.
Keep in mind: The content on this platform is personal, vulnerable, and are snippets of a real person’s life at an isolated point in time. Unnecessary criticism, negativity, and/or bullying are not tolerated as this is a kind and safe space.
If you are interested in contributing to us, we can learn more about how to Write For Us, including what kind of stories and topics work best for our audience and how to pitch them. You can also connect with other Strives & keep the conversation going on our growing Facebook Group, Twitter, and Instagram.
We hope our stories inspire you to go after your goals with everything you got and help the person next to you achieve theirs.
Much love and gratitude,
Melissa Thi Le, Founder

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