Melissa Thi Le is the Founder of Strive With Me, a business owner, and community leader. She loves learning about personal development, business, and social impact as she builds a life dedicated to combating social issues affecting millions of people. She created Strive With Me to build a community to support each other on their journey towards achieving their goals. You can reach Melissa by sending her an email or joining our Facebook Group.


Here is Melissa is Striving For

As I grow, I look forward to sharing my journey and exchanging narratives for lessons. I hope as you read these narratives, you can learn and connect with others who are striving for more, just like you. We could all use a connection to remind ourselves we are doing our best to be the best we can.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.
I am a business owner, community leader, and personal development lover. I am eagerly learning about self-growth, entrepreneurship, and social change as I build a life dedicated to combating social issues affecting millions of people. I created ‘Strive With Me’ based on my love for connecting with others, learning about how they overcome adversities and triumphs in their development.

I am a lover of food, positive people, and a sucker for puppies. I believe understanding, self-reflection, and kindness are the answers to many of our problems. As more people come to realize this, I look forward to working with great people to solve problems of all sizes.

What I’m Striving For.
I am striving to make an impact in the world by helping leaders better lead their communities and initiatives. By empowering businesses, innovators, and world leaders to advance their work, we can combat major social issues and impact millions of people. My definite chief aim is to provide leaders with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to help people access better-living conditions, basic human rights, and provide others with necessities, such as education, technology, and other resources they need to thrive.

I recognize that I alone cannot solve our issues but I can do everything I can help great leaders with their work to combat major issues affecting us all. I strive to bring people together, foster collaborations, and influence global change. I am fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem and various communities to empower growth, economic development, and prosperity in our first Promise Zone, Camden, New Jersey.

Who the best version of myself.
The Melissa I am striving for is confident, highly intelligent, and a serial problem solver. She is a great businesswoman and innovator working to build better communities and quality of life for others. She is a superior communicator, who works endlessly to help leaders make a permanent change for the better.

This Melissa help leaders become even greater leaders by supporting their work, goals, and mission. She leads with respect, empathy, and high standards for her team. She empowers greatness by acting as a role model for others to achieve greatness themselves.

The Melissa I want to be is highly disciplined, organized, and hyper-focused on achieving her goals, no matter how impossible they seem. She sees the best in people and supports them to be the very best they can be. She is kind, compassionate, and unyielding when she needs to be. She is upliftingly positive, who’s not afraid to tackles the impossible tasks with grace and poise.

What I am struggling with the most.
Unfortunately, I am not at her level regarding discipline, organization, and focus at this time. I have difficulties setting my priorities, focusing my time and energy on doing what needs to be done. My communication and leadership skills need a lot of work and development, including my personal and business management skills.

What I’m doing to become the best version of myself.
To become the best version of myself, I am starting with learning who I am, what I want, and what I need to do to get there. Self-reflection enables me to recognize my strength, weaknesses, and reprioritize my short and long-term goals, allowing better focus and organization. Right now, I am working on enhancing my self-awareness, along with fostering self-love and practicing gratitude.

As I grow personally, professionally and with SWM, I can work towards achieving my chief definite of purpose. With this increased focus, I will establish more productive habits and discipline to proactively get better each and every day.

I hope you will enjoy reading our narratives as much as we enjoying sharing it. Thank you for joining me on my journey as I strive to be better. Most importantly, thank you for your interest in bettering yourself. I am very excited to hear about your stories, suggestions, and thoughts so please feel free to share them!

Many thanks,

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