Anza Goodbar is a personal development coach who focuses on self-love. She believes that self-love is at the core of business and personal success. Her philosophy asserts that there is a direct correlation between practicing genuine self-love and leading a wildly happy life based on abundance principles versus living a mediocre life based on scarcity. 

She is highly gifted at influencing people to identify their passion and reach their full potential.  Her profound interest in understanding what causes people to feel worthy, visible and fulfilled gave her strength to face her personal life’s challenges head-on and create a life and business she loves.

Through intensive training and education, she has discovered how to love herself unconditionally, remove the shame of sexual and physical abuse from her story, and inspire others by rising above her own circumstances.

She currently guides her clients to overcome their fears and transform their lives from the inside out so they can develop deeper more intimate relationships, create higher levels of success, and experience empowerment from the boardroom to the bedroom™ through private coaching, mastermind groups, public speaking, workshops, and exclusive couples retreats.

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Here is Anza is Striving For

Life is all about sharing experiences. As I encounter new people on my journey, I realize more and more that life is not meant to be a solo journey.  Building community is the richest way to experience all that life has to offer. Just like most women, I long to have deeper connections that offer opportunities to make a profound impact in the world around me. We all need encouragers in our lives to support us as we grow…no matter where we are on the continuum.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.
I am a business owner, women’s ministry leader and lover all things involving personal growth. I have a passion for helping women be all they can be by empowering them to implement intentional life strategies in all aspects of their lives, so they can build the life of their dreams. It makes my heart soar when I hear women love themselves completely and feel whole, especially when they have overcome adversity.

I am a total food snob! I love trying new foods and experiencing new cultures. I am my 5-year-old granddaughter’s BIGGEST fan. I believe that self-care should be a number one priority and that caring for yourself is the most valuable investment you can make in yourself on a regular basis. Modeling positive behaviors is one of the best ways to implement change in our world.  People follow what they see more than what they hear.

What I’m Striving For.
I am striving to equip women with powerful tools to elevate their life in a way that impacts their leadership ability, their relationships, and their overall life experience. By strengthening a woman’s self-confidence and empowering her to make choices that further her dreams can transform families, communities and the world as a whole. Having a deep and profound faith in one’s ability to be the change they want to see can turn a passion into a movement and set the course for living a life of significance that fulfills a purpose.

I’m aware that I am just one piece of the puzzle for creating large-scale change, but I am committed to helping women reinvent themselves and create connections that foster a kinder gentler way for women to bond and support one another. I am on a mission to empower women with skills and resources that will enable them to confidently run a successful business and unapologetically live out their full potential.  I am growing a community of growth-minded women who want to lead the way for building stronger families, engaging more in their communities and leaving the world a better place.

Who the best version of myself.
The Anza I am striving to be is fearless, powerful and smart. She is a heart-centered entrepreneur who has a passion for enhancing the lives of those she works with by providing strategies to overcome adversity, improve mindset, and increase self-worth. She is a powerful connector who listens to what is being said as well as what is left unsaid to communicate on a deeper level.

This person is the gateway to changing the way women view themselves and their abilities. She is a respected leader who supports her team with appreciation and gratitude.She sets high expectations that encourage personal growth. She models the behaviors she wants to see others adopt in order to facilitate the ripple effect of influence. She inspires others by being vulnerable and authentic.

The Anza I am striving to become is a high-performance, laser-focused, woman who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. She is innovative and persistence and believes there is always a solution for any given challenge. She is a champion for the underdog and she continually shares words of encouragement. She values others and the contributions they make in her life and business.

What I am struggling with the most.I am not at the level of vulnerability and authenticity that I’d like to be. After being judged on my past mistakes for so many years, I still have to fight for the courage to share my own personal struggles in a relatable way. The requirement to be perfect to be accepted is a script I’m still in the process of rewriting. I am not always as intentional with my actions as I’d like to be, I can get caught on a fun bunny trail that distracts me from my mission. I sometimes struggle with clarity that leads me to procrastinate. My leadership and communication skills are ever evolving as I continue to put myself in situations where I am not the biggest fish in the pond.

What I’m doing to become the best version of myself.
In order to become the me I strive to be, I am scheduling an intentional time to honestly reflect on who I am today and where I am on the path of becoming who I ultimately desire to be. I journal daily about my thoughts and struggles to raise my awareness and make adjustments. I periodically use a life assessment tool to see where I might be out of alignment or out of balance, so I can be more intentional about the strategies and habits I practice on a daily basis.

I invest in myself daily for personal growth. I read two chapters of a self-development (leadership, communication, mindset, entrepreneurial) book or listen to a chapter from a book on tape each morning. I invest in a coach to keep me grounded and constantly moving toward my goals. I work on the mindset to develop discipline and motivation. I get plenty of rest and have a regular self-care routine.

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