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Melissa Thi Le


Melissa Thi Le is the Founder of Strive With Me, a business owner, and community leader. She loves learning about personal development, business, and social impact as she builds a life dedicated to combating social issues affecting millions of people. She created Strive With Me to build a community to support each other on their journey towards achieving their goals. You can reach Melissa by sending her an email: Contributor@strivewithme.com or joining our Facebook Group. You can read more about what Melissa is striving for here.

You can read all of Melissa’s articles: Accepting Where You Are As You Strive For MoreFace Your Fears, Celebrate your wins & overcome Imposter Syndrome and more here!

Anza Goodbar

Contributor + Empowerment Coach

Anza Goodbar is a serial entrepreneur. She has owned several multi-million-dollar companies over the course of her career. Her most recent adventure includes becoming a certified coach, trainer, and speaker. She serves solo-preneurs and family-owned businesses through 1:1 and group coaching, online classes and strategy sessions. She is also available for speaking to women’s groups and faith-based organizations. You can read more about what Anza is striving for here

Check out a few of Anza’s articles: If you’re the biggest fish in the pond… you need a new pondUse Your Pain as a Gain for Personal Growth!Equip and Empower Yourself for Success!, and more!

Mike Cavaliere

Contributor + Web Development Veteran

Mike Cavaliere is a web development veteran, personal development devotee, and ADHD/brain improvement aficionado. You can read his technology writing at mikecavaliere.com and his personal development, brain improvement and ADHD-related writing at ADHDTechies.com.

You can read Mike’s article: Becoming a Better Communicator, One Observation at a Time

Sunny Eang

Contributor + Financial Advisor

Sunny Eang is an advisor within the financial services industry. She works very closely with families, organizations, and a broad range of entities to counsel them on their financial planning matters. She spends a lot of her time in the Philadelphia and South Jersey market to help her clients sort through questions related to cash flow planning, setting up trusts, estate planning, and charitable giving. While she’s not working, she enjoys traveling internationally, cooking, hiking, photography, and spending time with her niece and two nephews.

You can read Sunny’s article: My Journey as a Daughter of Refugees

Anna Engelhardt

Contributor + Founder of Slow-o-lution

Anna Engelhardt is a mother of two young kids, the founder of the Slow·o·lution blog, and event management business owner. She has always been very passionate about health and healthy lifestyle. But it wasn’t until Anna spent a number of years working in the corporate world when she realized the crucial role mindfulness has for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. She started the Slow·o·lution blog in order to raise awareness of the negative impact a stressful lifestyle has on our health, and also to support anyone in discovering and developing their mindfulness journey. You can reach Anna by sending her an email at anna@slowolution.com, follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

You can read Anna’s articles: Easy ways to implement mindfulness in your everyday lifeWhat does being mindful mean 

Estelle Gibson

Contributor + CPA + Author + Coach

Estelle Gibson is a CPA, Speaker, Author and ICF Certified Coach. With over 35 years of professional experience as a CPA, she’s worked with individuals and companies ranging in size from small privately owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies in various industries. She’s given webinars, workshops, speeches, and presentations for companies and organizations including Toastmasters International, Sinclair Community College, Mary Kay Cosmetics, International Coach Federation and Unity Church.  She is currently writing her first book “Transform the Heart of Your Business ~ 5 Steps to Manage Your Money and Shift Your Money Mindset”

You can read Estelle’s article: What You Can Do About Financial Literacy and Abuse


Contributor + Wellness Enthusiast

Janessa is a wellness enthusiast who loves helping other people become the best version of themselves. She believes we all deserve to be in alignment with our true passions. When she isn’t listening to true crime podcasts, Janessa is reading every book in the personal development aisle, brainstorming workshops that promote introspection and intention setting or growing her product photography business. Say hello to her on Instagram at @janessajax

You can read Janessa’s Article: 3 Self-Care Books That Stuck With Me from 2018

Yuko Kudo

Contributor + Singer + Community Builder + Social Entrepreneur + Founder of “I AM”

Yuko Kudo is a Japanese native, Artist (Singer by default), Community Builder, Social Entrepreneur, a founder of “I AM” Series. She uses art to create community and bring healing to the world, raising awareness for social justice, mental wellness, diversity, and inclusions. She is also passionate about educating artists to live in abundance and freedom, be a thriving artist. Contact: yukoislovelivelife@gmail.com

You can read Yuko’s Article: I Am Me

Michael Pund

Contributor + Social Entrepreneur + Writer & Poet + World Traveler

Michael Pund is a social entrepreneur, amateur writer & poet, and world traveler. With a cornerstone desire to make a difference through impact investing and social innovation, he is constantly seeking to further his education through reading, networking, and self-reflection. After recently departing from the corporate banking world, he is hoping to dive into his passions on a full-time basis. In his free time, you can find him hiking, playing sports, listening to music, and always looking for his next adventure. You can reach him through email at Mike94172@gmail.com.

Check out Michael’s article: https://strivewithme.wpengine.com/letting-go-of-ignorance/ 

Trent Rhodes

Contributor + Mindfulness Coach, Literary Artist + Meta-physician

Trent Rhodes is a mindfulness coach, literary artist and meta-physician with a focus on empowering clients to become their highest self-image in their careers. As a coach offering bespoke services, he taps into the powers of the subconscious mind to challenge the powerful, conscious and driven to take the next step and transform at their edge. As an educator, Trent’s written extensively on perceiving life experience as the true classroom and the value of self-education. He can be contacted at tr@iamtrentrhodes.com.

You can read Trent’s articles: The Art of Professionalism Series: Building Credibility with Testimonials

Clarrisa Wilson

Contributor + Money Relationship Coach

Clarissa Wilson is a money relationship coach who helps women build their relationship with their money so that they never have to rely on anyone else for money in their life. Money is a very powerful tool that we have available, but unfortunately, most women give away their power with their money. Clarissa used to do this too. But not anymore and you can learn how to take back your power too, once and for all. You can download her Money Mindset Reset Guide today and start building your own money relationship.

Check out Clarrisa’s article: How Your Fears Affect Your Money


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