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How to ask for what you want

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  1. Michael T Scanzello says:

    I always focus on what I can do to benefit others first. As well, I have learned to accept help first if someone offers before I am able to help them.

    Sometimes it is easier to give first and feel weird about receiving, but if you focus on helping the other person even receiving is helping this person feel valuable in being able to help you out! Of course, keep this person on your radar to help them out as well. 🙂

  2. I practice Attraction Marketing in all that I do. It’s about being a person of value without expecting anything in return. It is exactly how you have mentioned in your post. Ever since I have started building relationships first, my mindset has changed and I am definitely attracting more people to me. The ask is significantly easier when you first build a relationship and find out how you can help them first. Your post is completely done in line with what I do. Thank you Raheela

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