Easy ways to implement mindfulness in your everyday life

We have different lifestyles, different priorities, different backgrounds and different jobs. That doesn’t mean we can’t implement mindfulness in our every day lives!

I want to share some techniques and ideas that have worked for me and may work for you too! Here are a few simple steps on how you can practice mindfulness:

Your morning routine:

  • Instead of starting your day, rushing around, take time to enjoy waking up in the morning
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee or your favorite tea
  • Take the time to meditate for a few minutes
  • Go for a walk or a quick workout to energize your morning
  • Waking up a few minutes earlier then you are used to so you can enjoy the peace and stillness in the morning
  • Start each day by thinking of at least one thing you are grateful for – it could be anything, the point here is to start your day on a positive note
  • Don’t rush to look at your mobile first thing when you wake up as this will cause you only additional stress – I know this can be extremely difficult, but look at it only when you are on your way to work
  • If you are a parent, especially of young kids, I strongly recommend to get up 15 to 30min before your kids. It’s important to have some “ME” time and start your day on your terms! You can read more about the importance of “me” time as a parent.

Once you are at work:

  • Take a break on regular basis to breathe! When we are stressed out or under pressure, our body has irregular breathing patterns. Make a habit to take a moment and readjust your breathing
  • Make sure to take walking breaks as well! It can be as simple as taking a walk down the hall
  • Take some time to make yourself a cup of tea to rest and recharge your mind and body
  • At lunchtime, make a point to put your mobile or iPad away to focus on your meal. Enjoy your meal! How does it taste? Consider what you’re consuming and it makes you feel. How does your body react to the meal? Are you already full? Mindful eating can also help reduce overeating and potential weight gain
  • Once you’re done, take a few minutes to take a walk outside, instead of looking at your mobile. Simply pay attention to your environment – to the colors and noise around you. You may be surprise of the things you’ve failed to notice before

In the evening:

  • Try to have dinner at least two hours before you go to bed – this way your body will have enough time to digest the food and you will be able to sleep better
  • I know this one is super hard, but trust me, it is absolutely worth it – turn off your mobile 15 to 30 mins before you go to bed. This will allow for your mind to relax
  • Another bad habit to avoid is going straight from watching TV to bed. Instead, turn it off 30 mins before you go to bed. This will allow your mind to relax and prepare for a good night sleep
  • Light some candles and listen to some relaxing music
  • At the end of each day, think about at least one thing you’re grateful for that day – this will give you the opportunity to end the day on a positive note, no matter how difficult it might have been

My favorites

Even if it is only 15 min, make sure you take time for yourself each day. There are many activities that might help you incorporate mindfulness in your life. Here are some of my favorite:

  • Meditate – I start and end my day with a 20 min TM meditation
  • Journaling – that has not always been the case, but I love journaling every single day…..in fact, I am so passionate about it that I developed The Slow·o·lution Journal
  • Go for a walk or a run – the fresh air and outside helping free my mind and relaxes me
  • A workout – when I am working out, I am completely focused on myself and this helps me relaxes as well
  • Yoga – I love starting my Fridays with a yoga session
  • Sauna or massage – the perfect way to simply relax and enjoy a few moments alone

Now you have a better idea on how to implement mindfulness, I want to challenge you to define what a Mindful Lifestyle means to you and think about how to implement it in your everyday life. If it helps, you can revisit What Does Being Mindful Mean.

Inspired by women in my tribe who are striving to become high-performance achievers.


Anna Engelhardt is a mother of two young kids, the founder of the Slow·o·lution blog, and event management business owner. She has always been very passionate about health and healthy lifestyle. But it wasn’t until Anna spent a number of years working in the corporate world when she realized the crucial role mindfulness has for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. She started the Slow·o·lution blog in order to raise awareness of the negative impact a stressful lifestyle has on our health, and also to support anyone in discovering and developing their mindfulness journey. You can reach Anna by sending her an email at anna@slowolution.com, follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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  1. I totally agree with the morning routines this is something I really do when I’m trying to decrease the stress of being a mom and wife. These steps really do help me. Overall article great advice 👍.

  2. I totally agree with the morning routines I actually do these myself being a mom and a wife you need ways to decrease you’re stress level. I enjoyed this article this is great material 👍.

  3. Those are great ideas! I love waking up before the kid and being able to have a cup of coffee in peace before he gets up. Definitely got a few new ideas to add to my day. Thank You!

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