Strive With Me is all about empowering our readers to the best version of themselves in their personal development, career/business, and their work to change the world.

We know…

Personal development can be very lonely and life can be really hard. Our community strives to uplift, inspire, and empower our readers to pursue their goals to the fullest of their ability. By sharing our experiences, we hope to help others achieve their goals as we work towards ours! We believe the power of impact starts with one individual lending a helping hand to lift the person next to them and together we all rise!

Here are a few topics and inspirations to help you with your pitch!

  1. Personal stories – we LOVE personal narratives!
    1. Overcoming adversities & hardships – if you’re comfortable sharing about your experience, we would love to read it. We also have capabilities to post anonymously and will keep your identity private.
    2. Sharing an interesting epiphany – had an amazing realization? Maybe others can learn from it too!
    3. Strive Narrative – share with us what you’re striving towards, who you want to be, and how you are working to get there. Please do include the challenges and hurdles you are working to become to be the best version of yourself.
  2. Personal Development – our readers are growing and constantly learning how to better themselves and be the best version of themselves. That means they have a lot of areas to master that you can help with!
    1. Personal Growth – Share with us tips, stories, & lessons you learned during your personal development journey
    2. Motivation & Pick-me-up – share with us an uplifting story to share hope and good vibes.
    3. Mindfulness & Spirituality
    4. Love & Relationships – this also includes friendships and professional relationships!
    5. Money Management – a relationship with money is hard to manage. If you have any tips, practices, or lessons you’ve experienced with how to make, save, or invest your money, would love to learn more
    6. Self-Love & Care – we all need to take better care of ourselves better. Any tips would be gladly appreciated. 
    7. self-improvement methods – tips, guides, and how-tos are great but are sure to share your own experiences!
    8. up-lifting pick-me-ups – who doesn’t love a story with a happy ending! Please be sure to recap the lessons you learned from your triumph.
  3. Entrepreneurship
    1. Professional Development – show us how you’re working to improve yourself in your career, grow your passion projects, and what others can learn from your journey.
    2. Business strategies – tell us about the lessons and strategies you learned during your hustle! 
    3. Leadership – share more on how you lead your team to overcome difficult challenges and built a diverse and thriving culture.
    4. Productivity – share your go-to strategies on staying focused and getting the job done!
  4. Impact
    1. Startups Changing the World – do you know a startup/business making a significant impact to change the world? We would love to hear it! Please share KPI, milestones, and exact methods on how the startup/business is achieving their social impact goals.
    2. Important causes – your experience working on to solve a problem and making a difference.
    3. Building communities – share tips and best practices on how to build thriving communities
  5. Community & Special pieces
    1. Interviews – know someone AMAZING? If you would like to coordinate a meaningful interview, we would love to check it out!
    2. Inspires Me – Share with us a creative piece on those who have inspired you and write an appreciation pieces
    3. Resources – Tell us the resources has really helped you on your personal development journey! Remember, we do not accept self-promotional material. You can write about a personal experience but you cannot directly market your product/service

Have some good ideas? Pitch us what you would like to write about!

  1. Please send Melissa an email at with article pitches (headlines and 2-3 sentences description of the piece)
  2. Next, send the first draft Google Drive Doc with comment capabilities. Also, include a short bio (Example Here. Feel free to include links to your personal or work and contact info) and include who and what inspired you through your journey as a way to show appreciation e.g. “Inspired by my partner and Ellen DeGeneres”
  3. After we review your piece, we will reach out to collaborate with you to optimize the article for our readers. We may not be able to approve each and every article and reserve the right to edit the article for clarity and conciseness.

We strive to grow in topics and share voices from all walks of life. If you’re not sure if your pitch or story fits, feel free to share it with us and we’ll work with you. We look forward to reading your pitches and always welcome new contributors, so feel free to share this page with other inspiring and interesting individuals in your network!

Many thanks for sharing your journey with us because together we can strive for more!

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