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Accepting Where You Are As You Strive For More

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  1. Craig B. says:

    The hardest part of personal development/change is accepting what you need to change. If it’s the people around you, or a personality trait that you have. You need to be honest with yourself. Cutting people out of your life who may be toxic is a tough thing to do (I’m going thru it right now) but I know this person isn’t good for my growth because they don’t want to grow. They want to latch onto my growth and steal my shine. I’m not okay with that. If you know you aren’t a hardworking person, change that trait and the rest might follow. Being lazy and a complainer is a BAD recipe. Like the article says, change doesn’t happen overnight. Change is going to happen when you least expect it but it will come if you truly and honestly put the work in. Failure isn’t the end. People think just because they failed at something they can’t do it. WRONG! Evaluate what you did right and wrong. Change the wrong, and rework the problem. Change isn’t something that is going to be completed all at once but you have to be at peace with each step you take towards your goal.

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